Has a chip inside, which is programmed to the cars on board computer
Smart Key
Does not look like a key, more like a remote, as they are designed to stay in your pocket and no 'unlocking' is needed
Fobic Key
Has a transponder chip but is slightly different that the smart key as it required a physical contact between the car and the key once you want to start the car.
Laser Cut
Internal cut or sidewinder keys due to the markings on the shank of the key. They are usually slightly thicker, have fewer groves, and are cut on both sides so they can go into the ignition either way around.
Remote Head
A remote head key is a key that has the remote control in the head of the key. You can unlock and lock your car with the remote.
Flip key fob
Car key in which the metal key blade folds into a plastic key fob when not in use. You can use the remote to open and close car.
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